Larman Garro landscape architecture

Landscape architect license # 3595 • Landscape contractor license # 797917


We have been designing gardens throughout the San Francisco Bay Area for over twenty five years, bringing our expertise in design, horticulture and construction to residential gardens large and small as well as public green spaces.

Rooted in a design/build background, we bring the benefit of extensive practical experience to our designs. Our approach brings together the particular requirements of our clients with the unique characteristics and assets of each garden site. Our well-researched design vocabulary draws on a wide range of influences and landscape traditions, blending ancient and modern forms. We aspire to create gardens of rare beauty that are conducive to joyfulness and peace of mind.

In a time of changing climate, we promote responsible stewardship of the land and seek to create environments that provide habitat for wildlife. Sustainable landscape practices that are available to us include, organic gardening techniques, storm water harvesting, and extensive use of climate adapted plants, especially local native species.


Hugo Larman, ASLA

A native of England, Hugo graduated in landscape architecture from Leeds Metropolitan University before moving the San Francisco Bay Area in 1985. He became a licensed landscape architect and member of the American Society of Landscape Architects in 1995. Since then he has designed and built landscapes ranging from pocket-sized urban spaces to expansive gardens and country estates. Hugo delights in the creative process that brings together the vision of his clients, with the skills and experience of architects, engineers, contractors, crafts people and plant experts.

Gillian Garro

Gillian is a consulting designer and horticulturalist for Larman Garro, having retired from full time practice in 2017. Gillian is now pursuing her passion for the visual arts. She is currently creating a series of large scale ancestor figures that she plans to exhibit as a Multitude and hopes to have a website up in the near future. She continues to work and find joy in her home garden.

Jose Martinez

Having spent many years working for Larman Garro, Jose is now an independent licensed landscape contractor. We continue to work closely with Jose and his company Stela Landscaping for the installation of our designs. Multi-talented in all aspects of landscape craft, Jose’s skill and experience working with stone is exhibited in many of the gardens featured in this web site.

Design Process

Our design process is sequenced to ensure that each project will be built to the highest standards and completed within both the expected time frame and projected budget.

At the preliminary meeting, we explore the site’s potential, and the client’s needs and desires. We then provide conceptual design sketches for the site, followed by a comprehensive schematic design. During the installation phase, we work closely with contractors, craftspeople and plant specialists and are therefore attuned to any site-specific challenges and opportunities that may arise. We believe that landscape design is a sculptural art that can never be fully realized on paper alone.

Consultation phase

1. Initial consultation.
Introductory site meeting to discuss nature and scope of project.

2. Design contract
Landscape architect presents description of services and design contract.

3. Defining the design program
Written description of the goals of the client to establish a clear basis for the design.

Design development phase

4. Conceptual design sketches
Explore design alternatives in sketch form.

5. Defining scope of work
Preliminary cost estimates for installation of project.

6. Schematic design and design details
Prepare a site plan or engage a surveyor
Schematic and design details developed to working drawing standards.
Permit documentation as needed.
Refine cost estimates.

7. Selection and sourcing of materials, products and plants
Provide samples or images.

8. Selecting a landscape contractor and reviewing proposals
Provide recommendations for qualified contractors
Review contractor’s proposals with client.

Design implementation Phase

9. Site observation
Conduct regular on site meetings with client and landscape contractor to review on going work / materials and craftsmanship.

10. Project administration
Review contractor invoices and approve release of payments
Approve phase completions and final completion
Check plantings at end of contractor warranty period.

11. Post construction
Consult on ongoing maintenance and planting development.

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